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Object of the Bill

An act to reform and consolidate the law relating to civil, Christian, Hindu, Bahai and customary marriages; to provide for the types of recognized marriages, marital rights and duties; recognition of cohabitation in relation to property rights; separation and divorce, and the consequences of separation and divorce; and for related matters.

Other Attachments

The Marriage and Divorce Bill, 2009

Sponsored By Hon.Kahinda Otafire (Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs)

Committee: The Committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs



First Reading/Committee

The Bill is re-introduced in the 9th Parliament.


Second Reading

Bill read for the second time in the floor of Parliament but not concluded. . The Deputy Attorney General Hon. Rukutana requested to be granted more time, so as to report back within two months.


Third Reading

Presentation/Waiting Assent

Assented by President


Bill passed on

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