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Object of the Bill

The Object of this Bill is to provide for the respect and promotion of the Fundamental and other Human Rights and Freedoms of the Persons with disabilities and for the non discrimination of persons with disabilities.

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The Persons with Disabilities Bill, 2018

Sponsored By Hon. Amongi Betty Ongom (Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development)

Committee: The Committee on Gender, Labour and Social Development



First Reading/Committee

Bill is still in its First Stage


Second Reading

Bill was read for the Second time in the Floor of Parliament. Clauses 1, 3-8 were considered on the 28/03/2018 and on the 3/04/2019 clauses 2, 8-51 were considered



Third Reading

Bill has been passed by the Members of Parliament.


Presentation/Waiting Assent

Bill is presented to the President and awaits to be assented.

Bill in Presentation for more than 30 days


Assented by President


Bill passed on

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