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The Succession Act" Cap.26l provides for equal dishibution of estates ofdeceased parents amongst all the children, regardless ofthe age or the level of dependency on the deceased at the time of death. Increasingly, many estates have adult and minor beneficiaries who have different levels of dependency and in some instances there are children who are above 18 years but still in school. The equal distribution of the property amongst all the beneficiaries is therefore not equitable where there are adult beneficiaries on the one hand, school-going children and dependant relatives on the other hand.

Other Attachments

1 CFI for the Succession (Amendment) Bill, 2021 .pdf
Title: Certificate of Financial Implication
Author: Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development
2 LPA3-22-Report on the Succession (Amendment) Bill, 2021.pdf
Title: Report of the Succession (Amendment) Bill, 2021
Author: Parliamentary Committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs.
3 The Succession (Amendment) Act, 2022.pdf
Title: The Succession (Amendment) Act, 2022
Author: Parliament of Uganda

The Succession (Amendment) Bill, 2021

Sponsored By Hon. Jackson Kafuuzi (Attorney General)

Committee: The Committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs



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Bill passed on 2022-04-10

Bill is now an Act of Parliament.

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