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Object of the Bill

The object of this Bill is to amend the Value Added Tax, Cap. 349—
(a) to expand the definition of application for own use to include services;
(b) to provide that a person who is required to be registered or to pay tax under the Act is a taxable person from the beginning of the taxable period for which the duty to register or pay tax arose;
(c) to repeal the requirement for professionals to register under the Act; to provide the value of a taxable supply of goods or services where government provides a subsidy;
(d) to provide a penalty where a taxpayer claims a refund in excess of what is due or claims returns, submits or declares a wrong, false or incorrect offset claim in a return;
(e) to add the supply of veterinary services and mosquitos nets to the list of exempt supplies and to make other miscellaneous amendments to the Act; and
(f) for other related matters.

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The Value Added Tax (Amendment) Bill, 2007

Sponsored By Hon. Dr. Ezra Suruma (Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development)

Committee: The Committee on Finance, Planning and Economic Development



First Reading/Committee

Bill is still at First Reading, the first reading being the first stage of a Bill passage through the Floor of Parliament and is usually a formality, it takes place without debate, and the first reading of a Bill can occur anytime in a parliamentary session.


Second Reading

Bill is in the second stage. The second reading is the first opportunity for MPs to debate the main principles of the Bill. It usually takes place up to 45 days after the first reading. Once second reading is complete the Bill proceeds to committee stage where each clause (part) and any amendments (proposals for change) to the Bill may be debated.



Third Reading

Parliament is passing the Bill. The third reading is the final chance for the Members of Parliament to debate the contents of a Bill. Here debate on the Bill is usually short and limited to what is actually in the Bill rather than, as at the second reading, what might have been included.


Presentation/Waiting Assent



Assented by President


Bill passed on 01/01/1970

Bill Withdrawn on 01/01/1970

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