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The object of this bill is to repeal and replace the National environment Act to make it conform with existing Government policies; to continue in existence the national environment management authority established under that act as a coordinating, Monitoring, regulatory and supervisory body of all activities related to the environment; to provide for emerging environmental issues including climate change, the management of hazardous chemicals and biodiversity offsets; to provide for strategic environmental assessments; to address environmental concerns arising out of petroleum activities, to provide for the management of plastics and plastic products; to establish the environment protection force; to provide for the establishment of an environment tribunal; to provide for enhance penalties for offenses under the Act; to provide for procedural and administrative matters; and for related matters.

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The National Environment Bill, 2017.

Sponsored By Hon. Sam Cheptoris (Minister of Water and Environment)

Committee: The Committee on Natural Resources



First Reading/Committee

Bill in its first stage because it has just been introduced in the floor of Parliament


Second Reading

Bill being discussed for the second time in the floor of Parliament.



Third Reading

Bill is passed by Parliament.


Presentation/Waiting Assent

Bill is waiting to be assented by the President.



Assented by President

Bill is now an Act of Parliament because the President has assented to it.


Bill passed on 2019-02-24

Bill is now an Act of Parliament because the President has assented to it.

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