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The object ofthis Bill is to establish alegal framework for the regulation of organ, cell and tissue donation and transplantation in Uganda. The law aims at prorccting the dignity alld identity of every person and guarantee, without discrimination, respect for his or her integrity and other rights and fundamental freedoms with regard to donatiofl and transplantation oforgans, tissues and cells of human origin. Uganda does not have any law governing human organ donation and transplanlation which is increasing becoming an area of health care used to cule non cornmunicable diseases that are sing rapidly. It is therefore imperative to enact an enabling law to address the existing challcnges taking into account that healthcare is continuously evolving.

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Uganda Human Organ Donation and Transplant Bill, 2021

Sponsored By Hon. Dr. Ruth Aceng Ocero. (Minister of Health)

Committee: The Committee on Health



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