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The object of this Bill is to amend the Parliamentary Pensions Act, 2007 to, 1. replace the requirement for a recommendation of the Uganda Medical Board with a recommendation from a medical practitioner approved by the Board, in cases where, (a) a member or pensioner seeks to use a proportion of their benefits for medical treatment, or (b) a member retires early on medical grounds, 2. increase the rate of contribution made by the members from fifteen percent to twenty percent, 3. exclude the application of the laws on succession to a member or pensioners death benefits, 4. repeal the application of the vesting scale in regard to the proportion contributed by Government towards a members benefit upon early retirement by the member, 5. make the Clerk to Parliament an ex-officio member of the Board with no right to vote, 6. provide for the appointment and functions of the Chief Operations Manager and other staff of the Scheme, 7. permit benefits of untraceable members to be deposited on the Reserve Account of the Scheme, 8. provide for the option of receiving a pension rather than a lump sum payment in cases where a mernber who is not eligible for pension elects to do so, 9. establish a post-retirement Medical Fund to which contributions are made and from which the costs of medical benefits for members during retirement will be met, 10.empower the Board of Trustees to determine and implement the investment policy of the Scheme, 11. enable the fomer Speaker or Deputy Speaker of Parliament who are alive to obtain the benefits provided under Part IVA of the Parliamentary Pensions Act, 2007, Act No. 6 of 2007, and 12. provide for dependents of a former Speaker or Deputy Speaker to acccss thc retirement benefits of the former Speaker or Deputy Speaker.

Other Attachments

1 CFI of the Parliamentary Pensions (Amendment) Bill, 2022.pdf
Title: Certificate of Financial Implication
Author: Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development
2 LPA3-22-Report on the Parliamentary Pensions (Amendment) Bill,2022.pdf
Title: Report on the Parliamentary Pensions (Amendment) Bill, 2022
Author: Parliamentary Committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs

Parliamentary Pensions (Amendment) Bill, 2022

Sponsored By Hon. Arinatwe Rwakajara (Minister of Works and Transport)

Committee: The Committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs



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