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Object of the Bill

The Policy behind the bill is to enact provisions to strengthen and implement the systems of Sactions for violations of beneficial ownership transparency obligations for partnerships

Other Attachments

1 CFI of The Partnerships (Amendment) Bill, 2022.pdf
Title: Certificate of Financial Implication
Author: Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development
2 LPA3-22-Report on the Partnerships (Amendment) Bill, 2022.pdf
Title: Report on the Partnership (Amendment) Bill, 2022
Author: Parliamentary Committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs
3 Partnerships (Amendment) Act, 2022.pdf
Title: The Partnership (Amendment) Act, 2022
Author: Parliament of Uganda

The Partnership (Amendment) Bill, 2022

Sponsored By Hon. Kiryowa Kiwanuka (Attorney General)

Committee: The Committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs



First Reading/Committee

The Bill is still in its first stage.


Second Reading

The Bill is read for the second time in the floor of Parliament.



Third Reading

Parliament has passed the Bill.


Presentation/Waiting Assent

Bill is waiting to be assented to by the President.



Assented by President

Bill is now an Act of Parliament.


Bill passed on 2022-09-07

Bill is now an Act of Parliament.

Bill Withdrawn on

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