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The objective of the bill is to amend the Employment Act 2006 to operationalize the provisions of Article 40 of the constitution of the Republic of Uganda to all categories of workers in Uganda. The Bill specifically makes provision for the regulation of employment of domestic workers and casual employees to improve their working conditions, to provide for compulsory registration and to license recruitment agencies for domestic workers and non-manual laborers, to provide for an explicit formula for calculation of severance pay, to remove the conditions attached to payment of severance pay, to provide for recruitment and employment of migrant workers, to provide for scope of sexual harassment in employment, to provide for the protection of working breastfeeding mothers, to require employers to put in place policies and facilities for breastfeeding mothers, to provide for the conversion of casual employment to a term contract. 

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1 GLSD3-21-Report on the Employment (Amendment) Bill, 2019.pdf
Title: Report on the Employment (Amendment) Bill, 2022
Author: Parliamentary Committee on Gender, Labor and Social Development

The Employment (Amendment) Bill, 2022

Sponsored By Hon. Kunihira Agnes (Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development)

Committee: The Committee on Gender, Labour and Social Development



First Reading/Committee

Bill is still at First Reading, the first reading being the first stage of a Bill passage through the Floor of Parliament and is usually a formality, it takes place without debate, and the first reading of a Bill can occur anytime in a parliamentary session.


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Third Reading

Third reading


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Bill passed on 01/01/1970

Bill Withdrawn on 01/01/1970

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