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Object of the Bill

The object of the Bill is to create a conducive environment, for the production and management of biofuels including promoting the production of biofuels for power production; to promote the availability of an alternative, renewable energy which preserves the natural ecosystem and the biodiversity and ensures food security in Uganda; to create the institutional framework for the management, production, storage, transportation and the blending of biofuels in petroleum products and utilization of biofuels; regulating activities related to the production, blending of biofuels;  in petroleum products and utilization of biofuels, including licensing of producers of  biofuels and requiring suppliers of petroleum products to supply blended petroleum products; promoting sustainable production and utilization of biofuels for social and economic benefit and increased rural incomes; to ensure occupational health, public safety and protection of the environment in the production, of biofuels and increase the reserve base of the oil and gas resource in Uganda by  blending biofuels in petroleum product.

Other Attachments

1 NAR3-17-Report on the Biofuels Bill, 2016.pdf
Title: Report on the Biofuels Bill, 2016
Author: Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources
2 The Biofuels Act, 2018.pdf
Title: The Biofuels Act, 2018
Author: Parliament of the Republic of Uganda

The Biofuels Bill, 2016.

Sponsored By Hon. Irene Muloni (Minister of Energy and Mineral Development)

Committee: The Committee on Natural Resources



First Reading/Committee

Bill is still in the first stage


Second Reading

Second Reading was first read on the 12th of December, 2017 and re-read on 13th of December, 2017



Third Reading

Bill on its last stage


Presentation/Waiting Assent

The Bill is waiting for the President to assent it.



Assented by President

Bill is fully passed


Bill passed on 04/06/2018

Bill is fully passed

Bill Withdrawn on 01/01/1970

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