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The object of this Bill is to amend the Income Tax Act Cap.340 to provide for carry forward of losses in respect to mergers and acquisitions; to provide for the rate of tax payable by a non-resident person deriving rent from Uganda; to exclude public listed companies from the shareholding requirements as regards accessing benefits provided in an international agreement; to amend the definition of petroleum taxation; to impose an obligation on persons employed by
diplomatic institutions and institutions with diplomatic privileges to file returns of income with URA; to provide for any person making payments to non-residents to withhold tax from the payments; to add the International Centre for Research in Agro-Forestry (ICRAF) and the International Potato Centre to the listed institutions; and to amend the Second Schedule to the Income Tax Act to remove clinics from the businesses or trades paying tax and to revise the tax payable relating to drug shops.

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The Income Tax (Amendment) Bill, 2016

Sponsored By Hon. Matia Kasaija (Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development)

Committee: The Committee on Finance, Planning and Economic Development



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Bill passed on 2016-11-19

Bill is now an Act of Parliament because the President has assented to it.

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